Forex investment banking trading market movers

Most or all retail trader accounts offering investors a service and trading account are individual banks. In which they have power to hold and transact and exchange funds for retail trading accounts. However the investment trading terminal differs from retail trading accounts. Therefore also has a lot more information and statistically data used to carry out trades w less risks on return on investment. However they are services that offer this information on behalf of traders; but never can compete with the banks Forex trading center terminal. The reason being is an international banking system has access to all money transfers, economic trends, market values, and demographics to help facilitate the live values of currencies. These economic conditions and statistics that actually affect the value of currencies are known as market movers or role players in the Forex market. If you can simultaneously see currency values paired with loads of information and statistics that match that market; then that's a great advantage to long term investors. So that the current fundamental economic market placeholders can protect your long term Forex trading investments with real money profits. That are momentarily in balance with the economic system of actual real money exchanges and investments. Giving long term investors an advantage to make trades based on all the economic situations that actually affect the value of currencies as the market movers. This helps protect investments through all the static market conditions that help keep the golden value of currencies backed by actual real trading exchange economics. Having static information is like having all the economic pathways of currency exchange at the base of its networked operation. However having momentary economic information relative to those interconnected markets is the trade points investment bankers can use in the live Forex market as market movers to make trades based on real economy investments.