Forex trading market fluctation divergence strategy

Forex trading w any type of divergence requires a simple Forex chart where you should be able to draw and easily identify divergences manually with a basic math analysis of currency pairs. The simplest method is to analyze a Forex chart of a currency pair over time with a medium center line to identify the lower lows and higher highs of a legion of statistics. to note those market values compared to another and find the overall trend. Also to make sure that the medium of the currency tend over time matches the basis statistical value of trading divergences. Relative to that balanced live responsive active market trend signal.simple technique is to identify the buy low to sell high and buy high to sell low relative to these currency fluctuations both in profit margins compared to another at the same live moment. The rare method to discover the static long term trading  medium line to see the profit points relative to the currency's average market value that actually controls the live value of currencies supporting that market. In reference to the value points to actually identify the live value of a synchronized market based on the statistics that reflect that on data analysis of charts