Forex technical analysis

Forex technical analysis is a chart diagram of data that visualizes the value f currency pairs in fluctuations analytically as a strand f concrete data over time to the present situation of currency trading. As a result to analyze this data it is important to recognize bullish and bearish diversions that can be recognized as positive(bullish) negative (bearish) as currency value goes down the other side of the currency pair is also considered a bearish divergence: and when currency value goes up relative to there currency pair its a bullish divergence.

Forex Fundamental analysis is not historic data  to present compared to technical analysis; however fundamental analysis is the actual analysis that secures the value f a currency to the present future of a trade formulated to generate profits. As a result to determine fundamental analysis you musts analyze the economy of a nation with a set of data in a wide spectrum of categories whic can be anything from business to markets.

So when doing technical analysis be sure to win trends at the right time short term based on charts; and dont forget to win on fundamental analysis as big long term ROI  investments at the right time. Also be sure t buy low and sell as value goes up as the most common trading strategy for this analysis method.