what is Forex?

Forex (Currency Trading) was originally developed and recognized as a result of international trade of goods exchanged from foreign currency's nations. Before the system was developed foreign trading of products was found to be profitable unto businesses and merchants due to the value of currencies which may have made it more affordable to make money. Also internationally banks that transferred money as a result of a return for foreign products were involved with these transactions. As a result banks were the first to developed a stock market of currencies because they were the ones who transacted and processed this underlying currency trading market to begin with. Thereafter the International central banking system of currencies developed stocks on currency's on an international banking system that can now be processed online. Originally and usually always banks were and still are the only process available online for Forex traders to make transactions through and with. As a result it is important to recognize banks and financial institutions as the role players in the Forex market that makes things happen. As a result making FOREX of great financial investment and interest of all banks who handle currency internationally. Which has granted access t an asset of currency trading and value similar to that of the stock market.